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Michael Edelstone

For the common good


Lead Product Designer


Product lines have diverged over time, creating a disjointed experience and confused stakeholders.

Top outcome

A shared dedication to product alignment under a thoughtful layout and navigation scheme.

Kuali is a well-known pioneer of software products for higher education academics, professionals, and students. I was the primary designer for the Research product, where I interviewed users, designed and tested prototypes, and often coded my own designs to take pressure off the engineers.

Multiple product lines, each with their own dedicated sales and development teams, led to numerous UIs with few systems to sync around central goals. In response, I incrementally developed a dynamic, unifying structure for all products to strive towards including common navigation, search functionality, and co-branding.

Product shot, search function Product shot, main navigation Product shot, mobile layout Product shot, co-branding dialog Low fidelity mockup, find documents