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Michael Edelstone

About me

I’m a product designer living and working remotely in San Marcos, Texas.

I’ve been in this field since 2009, specializing in cross-disciplinary design with a deep enthusiasm for design systems, UX writing, and well-organized high-fidelity prototypes.


  • UX: Figma, Framer, Balsamiq, paper and pencil
  • Code: HTML, CSS, React, DevTools, Git, various component libraries
  • Research: UserTesting, Google Analytics, Hotjar, talking to customers
  • Productivity: Things, Notes, long walks
  • Learning: Nielsen Norman Group, Frontend Focus, CSS Tricks
  • Code editor: Visual Studio Code
  • Browser: Brave


  • Music: I try to listen to new music every day. Favorite genres include post-rock (Dirty Three, Mogwai) and instrumental ambient (Ólafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm). My listening stats are on
  • Books: I read the occasional fiction classic, but otherwise I’m mostly into non-fiction, particularly on the subjects of space science, philosophy, and American history.
  • Podcasts: I usually listen to a couple podcasts a day. Lately I’m enjoying UnHerd and The Brendan O’Neill Show.
  • Film: I watch a lot of movies. Big fan of ’80s cinema, over-the-top action flicks, and South Korean films.
  • TV: My favorite shows of all time include Slings & Arrows, Home Movies, The IT Crowd, Community, and The League of Gentlemen.
  • Real world: Bicycles, hiking, Texas barbecue, chess, challenging conversations, road trips.