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About me

Animated portrait of Michael Edelstone

My story

I’m Michael Edelstone, a designer focused on utilitarian products and brands.

Recently I've been working at SPR, a technology modernization firm based in Chicago, where I write code for React apps and design experiences in Figma. Before that I led design initiatives at Balto, Kuali,, and Texas State University.

I enjoy bicycles, movies, astronomy, national parks, and road trips with my dog, Chloe. One day I hope to be recruited by an intergalactic team of fighter pilots like Alex Rogan in The Last Starfighter.

Things I know pretty darn well

  • HTML and CSS: Scratch-built and standards-compliant, including grid, flexbox, and animations. We’re essentially BFFs.
  • Design systems: I’ve built, scaled, and evolved component libraries on both the design and code sides.
  • Accessibility: Universal design is central to my process. I’ve worked on interfaces conforming to the strictest standards.
  • Product UX: Research, wireframes, and clickable prototypes using a refined, understandable process.
  • User interviews: Moderated and unmoderated usability testing with real people – it’s the secret sauce.
  • Git and GitHub: From React and Angular apps to static websites, I open source and the command line.