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Michael Edelstone

Quick bio

I’m Michael Edelstone, a reasonably handsome designer working at Action Verb, the talented and fully remote team that makes BrickFTP. Before that I led digital design at Texas State University.

I’m into bicycles, movies, astronomy, national parks, and adventures with this girl and my dog, Chloe. One day I hope to be recruited by an intergalactic team of fighter pilots like Alex Rogan in The Last Starfighter.

Some things I know pretty darn well

  • HTML: Semantic, accessible, future-thinking, and organized. We’re essentially BFFs.
  • CSS: Roger that. Big fan of animations and flexbox, with real-world experience using Sass, PostCSS, and Tachyons.
  • Responsive design: By default, baby! Even talked about it on a podcast a while ago.
  • Product UX: Moleskine sketches, hifi mockups, and clickable prototypes in a refined, understandable process.
  • Design tools: Balsamiq, Photoshop, and Chrome DevTools are my go-tos, but I enjoy Sketch and InVision too.
  • Git and GitHub: Developers can’t have all the fun. I open source and the command line.