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Hello, StudySync

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Quick intro 👋

I’m Michael Edelstone, a designer living in San Marcos, Texas and most recently working on ed-tech products at Kuali. Before that, I led design initiatives at and Texas State University.

I want to be your next designer, and I wrote this letter from scratch for your consideration.

So, why am I right for this? 🤔

I check most of the boxes on your job posting (including the ideal ones), and my direct experience with SaaS and the education industry makes for a unique fit. Let me get specific:

  1. I'm a UI/UX generalist: During my time at Kuali I grew fond of Balsamiq and InVision for quick mockups, jumping over to Figma for increased fidelity, and then testing face-to-face with real customers each week. I was also a leader on the design systems team, contributing strongly in the areas of layout and higher-order components.
  2. I’ve shipped complex React apps: I was the principal designer and CSS developer at during the switch from a legacy Rails UI to a React front end. I’m responsible for all of the UI (including color, typography, desktop and mobile layouts, forms, modals, slideshows, error messages, upload dialogs, transactional pages, and onboarding), as well as most of the UX (here are a couple of examples).
  3. I get engineers and the front end: I’ve been writing standards-compliant markup since 2009. I manage some popular open-source projects on GitHub, and am happily up-to-date on flexbox, Sass, media queries, CSS animations, Git, and SVG. I have deep experience with established design systems, like Material UI, and many other popular dependencies.
  4. I’m an accesssibility advocate: People count on me to go above-and-beyond when thinking about font sizes, tab order, or color contrast. Texas State University required WCAG AAA compliance, so I’m comfortable with even the strictest mandates.
  5. I’m a natural communicator: Coworkers consider me honest, humorous, and expertly prepared with inspirational GIFs. I’m also an accomplished UX writer, authoring thousands of words in the product interfaces and marketing materials everywhere I’ve worked.
  6. I’m remote-ready: I've spent the bulk of my career being the primary design voice on small, distributed teams. Tools like Slack and Zoom are second nature, and I’m happy to visit you in Petaluma (whenever life gets back to normal).

My stats

  • Digital designer since 2009
  • Design lead for about six years
  • Broad skill set spanning user research, design systems, UX writing, and code
  • Conscientious, capable, and fun
  • I education professionals
  • Remote friendly, autonomous, and super responsive on Slack

I’m also human 👫

I’m proud of my career accomplishments, but I’m equally devoted to self-growth, often riding bicycles long distance and traveling with my dog, Chloe. I plan to grow a ton in the near future and would love to contribute some of that energy to StudySync and its customers.

Favorite tools 🛠️

  • Visual: Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Principle
  • Interaction: Balsamiq, InVision, paper and pencil
  • Research: UserTesting, Google Analytics, HotJar, talking to customers directly
  • Code: Chrome DevTools, Atom, GitHub
  • Productivity: Slack, Calendly, Basecamp, GSuite

What others are saying 🙌

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to the testimony of my industry peers:

My coworker

Jeff K.


“I think he worked on our website.”

My ex-girlfriend

Katie M.


“We still talk occasionally, when I have time.”




“I’m afraid I don’t understand. I’m sorry.”

In all seriousness, people enjoy working with me and have said some very nice things about it.

Check me out elsewhere 👉

And in conclusion... 📌

Thanks for reading this letter and clicking around my website. I would genuinely like to work with you. Please contact me anytime if you’d like to talk.

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