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Recent Work


Professional stuff

Texas State homepage

I led the design of Texas State’s first responsive homepage, which gets about 1.2 million pageviews each month.

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Texas State CMS project

Hundreds of publishers use the tools, template, and content components I spec’d and designed from the ground up.

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Texas State digital brand

I built a thoughtful design system to standardize products, improve brand integrity, and inspire content creators.

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Plano Cycling website

I transformed a basic e-commerce site into a distinctive brand platform and mobile-friendly shopping experience.

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Side projects

Best Remote

I gathered a bunch of research about today’s best remote companies and organized it on a slick reference website.

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Tint & shade generator

I needed a tool that quickly made tints and shades in 10% increments from a given hex color, so I made one.

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This website

I made a space to transparently reflect on my experiences, play with design, and reach amazing teams.

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