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Michael and his dog, Chloe


Hello! My name is Michael Edelstone and I’m a 40-year-old software designer/developer working remotely for a company called Kuali. My home base is San Marcos, Texas, where I rent a little garage apartment. There are major, long-term public works projects happening right near me, so in addition to looking for a new space locally, I'm also checking out temporary housing elsewhere (one of the perks of remote work). When I'm not on-the-job, I hike, watch movies, fix bicycles, cook, sleep, and take road trips.

I have a 13-year-old, 50-pound Australian Shepherd mix dog. She is well-exercised (we don't need a yard), hardly ever barks, and is rarely left unattended. I’m way past the partying stage, don’t smoke, and have infrequent guests. I take immaculately good care of the places I live, report issues promptly, and pay on-time 100% of the time.

What I’m looking for

I'm looking for a place from now through mid-October (maybe longer); ideally a furnished house with a full kitchen and no shared walls or roommates. A space that is well-cared for, modern, and clean. A small house, guest house, or garage apartment has worked well in the past. A quiet place with no excessive street, dog, construction, train, or human noise, and no nearby smokers is essential (I am trying to escape a noisy situation, so quiet is a big part of the deal for me). Since I work from home regularly, fast and reliable internet is important.

I’m highly flexible on terms if the home meets these qualifications, and would be willing to pay the entire rental price up front for the right deal.

Major pluses

  • Bundled utilities with rent
  • Country setting or remote from neighbors
  • Central (or very efficient) heating and cooling
  • Ability to obtain very fast internet, with personal access to the router for troubleshooting
  • Close to trailheads

More about me

  • Professional designer since 2009
  • 800+ FICO score with a decade of solid references
  • Minimalist lifestyle, conservative energy user, and very quiet
  • Super clean and respectful of space
  • Good communication and sense of humor
  • Responsible pet owner; we walk 1.5 hours a day and don’t need a yard

Online references

Let’s talk

Please contact me with details if you think it’s a good fit or to ask me questions. Detailed pictures and exact address of your place are appreciated.

Thanks for looking!

— Michael