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Michael and his dog, Chloe


Hello! My name is Michael Edelstone and I’m a software designer currently living in San Marcos, Texas. I work remotely from home or local coffee shops during the week. On the weekends I watch movies, cook, sleep, and take road trips.

I’m 40 years old and I have an older, 50-pound Australian Shepherd mix dog. She is well-exercised (we don't need a yard), never barks, and is rarely left unattended. I’m way past the partying stage, don’t smoke, and have very infrequent guests. I take immaculately good care of the places I live, report issues promptly, and pay on-time 100% of the time.

What I’m looking for

I’d like to live in a stand alone rental house with 0-1 bedrooms, a full kitchen, and no shared walls or roommates. A space that is well-cared for, modern, and clean. A small house, guest house, or garage apartment has worked well in the past. A quiet place with no excessive street, dog, train, or human noise, and no nearby smokers is essential. I don't do well with noise, especially outdoor dogs and parties.

I’m highly flexible on lease terms and price if the home meets these qualifications.

Major pluses

  • Washer and dryer inside the unit
  • Central (or very efficient) heating and cooling
  • Country setting or considerably remote from neighbors
  • Ability to obtain very fast internet, with personal access to the modem/router for troubleshooting
  • Bundled utilities with rent

More about me

  • Professional designer since 2009
  • 800+ credit score with a decade of solid references
  • Minimalist lifestyle, conservative energy user, and very quiet
  • Super clean and respectful of space
  • Good communication and sense of humor
  • Responsible pet owner; we walk 1.5 hours a day and don’t need a yard

Online references

Let’s talk

Please contact me with details if you think it’s a good fit or to ask me questions. Detailed pictures and exact address of your place are appreciated.

Thanks for looking!

— Michael