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About this site


I put this website together at the beginning of 2017, iterating on it regularly since then. It’s a fun little playground intended to showcase my design abilities and reach the best teams around.

It has its own style guide, if you're interested.


  • Explain who I am and what I’m all about, humbly and transparently
  • Demonstrate recent design work and current technical capabilities
  • Experiment with design techniques, color, typography, and CSS

How it’s built

I developed this site without frameworks or a content management system. It’s all custom HTML and CSS, with a handful of plugins I borrowed from various open source projects. It’s templated and generated using Jekyll.

Many thanks to the open source community for these bad boys used across the site:

Primary design considerations

  • Responsive and future-thinking
  • Unique, fun, professional
  • Semantic, valid markup and stylesheets, with minimal scripting
  • Universal and accessible design
  • Interesting and honest content
  • Animated feel with thoughtful colors, patterns, and typography

Styles and patterns

I built a handy style guide that documents the colors, patterns, and prevalent styles used across the site.


This website uses the 400 and 700 weights of Neuton and Montserrat from Google Fonts. They are hosted locally with the help of the Google web fonts helper.


Homepage icons are SVGs that I modified from original work by Freepik (browser, thought bubble) and Oliver (pencil), and were pulled from Other icons on the site are from Font Awesome by Dave Gandy.